Strixhaven Initial Impressions | Key Decks | 5 to dive into

Hey Planeswalkers

We are off to an exciting new set with Strixhaven, and I couldn’t be more pleased! First, and foremost two things before I cover a few key decks in a shortlist for you today!

All I can say is I am so happy once again that it feels like we got ANOTHER balanced set release, which is starting to really feel like it’s too good to be true! Did Wotc actually make some changes to figure out the right secret non broken sauce?  Second, the new mechanics are a ton of fun.  In particular the focus on limited, and draft with the learn mechanic is a blast.  All around I am really enjoying what’s going on, and I hope you are as well!

My only slightly negative critique is as follows.  Personally, I like the Mystical Archives idea, however it definitely is a pain for Standard focused players.  It also feels more of a slight gimmick in particular for Historic to force players into that format.  My two cents, and this set release certainly has been a more MTGA focus if you ask me!

All in super pleased! Now for the goods.  I wanted to provide a few great decks in the new Strixhaven standard, both great tweaks on Kaldheim favorites, and a few new ones.  This by no means is an exhaustive list, and rather as mentioned a good short one you can lean on as you navigate the new standard environment.

Feel free to hop in the discord, comment below, or provide your personal feedback as always! Love to hear your thoughts, or some top decks I should try to cover!

Key Initial Decks for Strixhaven

The two biggest impactful ones thus far in my opinion is Boros Winota in BO3, and the Jund Magecraft more BO1 focused! The other three are great bridge decks for both competitive and casual players alike as you build out your new Strixhaven collection.

Mono Red Aggro

Untapped Deck Link

Sultai Ultimatum

Untapped Deck Link

Jund Magecraft

Untapped Deck Link

Boros Winota

Untapped Deck Link

Temur Turns

Untapped Deck Link

As mentioned above, I have been a big fan of the set, and look forward to continuing to cover new top decks going forward.  Additionally, its going to be fun keeping an eye on major Kaldheim pull throughs, and how some key tournaments land! I look forward to tomorrow’s weekly meta update as well.