Summoners War a Week in Review (1/23/17 to 1/29/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/23/17 to 1/29/17)

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Summoners War Fusion progression became the focus of last week’s gameplay.  Inevitably it did not start out that way via the weeks planning, however I had three twelve hour double experience boosters I needed to use up.  I sort of ended up landing on working towards fusing a new monster for my team out of chance, to some degree.


Fusion lessons learned was the theme for last week.  Despite previously fusing Veromos a while back there were a lot of things I forgot about when it comes to fusing a new monster.  It is also because of those shortcomings I was not able to quit get there, and receive the new monster.  I definitely should have re-watched my own video.

Veromos Fusion Guide

Like I mentioned earlier I had three double experience boosters to boot.  It was because of these I just happened to take a look at my Fusion Monster tree to see if I was close to anything.  It so happened that I had everything for the water phoenix Sigmarus.  It was because of this I spent all of last week working towards Sig.

First off, one thing I do is when I get fusion material monsters I typically lock them.  Then during times when I have boosters I tend to try to get them to four stars and maxed for a couple of reasons.  One, at four stars they can help you with the World Boss, which I have been able to get three attacks in daily now for quite some time.  Next, you can do exactly what I did by checking your fusion chart every so often and see how close you are to fusing a new monster.  This strategy helps reduce time, and pain of the fusion process if you keep it in the back of your mind like me.

Fusion Lessons Learned

There are a few things I briefly want to mention to help you in your Fusion preparation mind state.  Mainly a few things I forgot, and why the Fusion process can be rough.  The process itself is very resource draining, because you could supplement all the mats used to awaken monsters you plan to keep, and even get to a six star monster much faster.  As the process takes four five star monsters in fusion to get a one five star monster.  Ideally you are trading up in monster power though, but it can be a significant shift in the short term by losing things like fodder, mats, and potentially 13 monsters to help with the world boss.

When starting out your fusion process make sure you have enough mana.  Often people, including myself forget that it is quite a bit of mana to fuse monsters.  Luckily as mentioned I had double experience boosters so I could offset my low mana by grinding Faimon Hell, and Hydeni as I was leveling up the monsters needed to obtain Sigmarus.

Honestly, it wasn’t even the leveling that bothered me as I was planning on doing it for three days anyway.  The problem came when I needed the awakening materials.  I forgot how much it took, and I was severally short on regular Magic Essence.  I was missing roughly 60 mid-level awakening materials.  This took me another day and a half to collect, and I eventually paid to change some of my mats into the mid-level magic essence.

Then after that grind I realized that I would need to do it again, since that was just for all the base monsters for Sigmarus.  One nice thing was that I timed it well with an all elemental dungeon weekend so it made it relatively easy to spend my weekend collecting the rest of the materials.

One thing I also want to point out, and a major mistake on my part is make sure you also start the fusion process a day after the free rune removal day.  As there were some runes I still wanted to keep, and it was fairly expensive to remove them, on top of that it was a pretty noob mistake on my end.  Just another point I wanted to pass along in case you are thinking about fusing a new monster like me.

In the end I did not get Sigmarus fused, but I am hoping to complete him in the coming week.  I am excited to have Sig in my team, and at the very least a relatively stronger monster then the materials I put into him.

Rune Update

I didn’t run a lot of B10s this week, but am updating with stuff from the previous week as well.  Going forward runs are after update V3.2.1

Giant B10 Run Count: 82

Dragon B10 Run Count: 218

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a bad performance for us going 0-10.  Despite losing every attack, we did win every defensive battle going 10-0.  We did not have good participation, but we picked up a new player who we are hoping will be able to start contributing very soon.  Overall, it was even a slight improvement over last week.

Rating: 988

Rank: 19062

GamertagMythras PvP

A mediocre week in my personal PVP.  Made Fighter 1 for the week, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on PvP.

Rating: 1285

Rank: 67112

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I hit an A- Score for the first time with my main World Boss team.

Dungeon Personal Records

I made a bunch of PRs on dungeons this week as I was adjusting teams for fusion materials.

Hall of Magic
Hall of Water

2017 Power-Up Stone Event

I completed the event, and was able to collect all the necessary points (1000) to get all the items for the two week event.

Level 15 Runes


I made some good Summoners War fusion progress this week on the water phoenix Sigmarus.  I will hopefully have an awesome new monster added to my collection in the coming week.  I hope some of my fusion pointers and lessons learned will help you in your own fusion progression.  Until next week summoners, keep on summoning.

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