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  • May 2021 Ranked Season | Platinum to Mythic 6+ Wins | Azorius Magecraft | Strixhaven Standard

    FORMAT: StandardARCHETYPE: AggroRANK: Platinum to MythicUntapped LinkAetherhub Link DECKLISTCREATURES4 Clever Lumimancer4 Symmetry Sage4 Clarion Spirit4 Leonin Lightscribe SPELLS2 Defiant Strike3 Fight as One4 Opt2 Stern Dismissal4 Show of Confidence1 Mentor’s Guidance4 Of One Mind LANDS1 Kabira Takedown2 Sejiri Shelter10 Plains7 Islands4 Hengegate Pathways SIDEBOARD4 Mistcast2 Essence Scatter3 Riddleform 2 Shell Shield2 Drannith Magistrate2 Seasoned Hallowblade […]