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  • April 2021 | BO1 & BO3 Tier List | Anthology 4 | Historic | 25 Decks

    Hi friends it’s been a while since I have had time to devote to competitive Historic! Shame on me! With that said coming out of this weekend’s Mythic Qualifier and the expected impacts on Strixhaven to the format I wanted to definitely drive full steam ahead into Historic.  There have been some pivotal impacts I […]

  • MTGA Historic BO1 December 2020 Tier List

    Hello Spikes and almost Happy New Years 🙂  I have curated a list of roughly 20 decks from post Kaladesh Remastered for BO1 today. After my BO3 Tier List many asked for a BO1, and as I like to do historic tier lists around new set drops, and changes it was time for a refresher […]

  • MTGA Historic BO3 December 2020 Tier List

    Good Morning (from US)! – Happy upcoming Holidays around the world I have pulled a snapshot tier list (20 Decks) together here in the aftermath of a month of Kaladesh Remastered Drop for Historic!  As many of you know I enjoy getting a nice timestamp for tracking & trending, plus equally helping tackle the competitive […]