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  • April 2021 | BO1 & BO3 Tier List | Strixhaven | Standard | 10+ Decks

    Hi there Planeswalkers, and happy end of April! I wanted to get you a tier list to help you navigate the early parts of Strixhaven.  Last week I did provide some of the recent changes in my weekly META analysis, however I wanted to equip you with an additional view point, to enhance your gaming […]

  • April 2021 | BO1 & BO3 Tier List | Kaldheim | Standard | 50 Decks

    Hi Planeswalkers, it has been a pleasure covering Kaldheim!  Today we close the chapter on this book and look forward to Strixhaven. We have certainly had our fair share of impacts I have been following and covering here over the last few weeks in the weekly meta pieces.  I will leave you today with an […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 | March 2021 Tier List | 40ish Decks

    Hi Planeswalkers & friends it’s that time of the month again! We are well on our way into our second season of Kaldheim BO3!  BO3 has had a fairly significant change to it relative to last month as a different impact all together from BO1.  Additionally, I have rolled out my new Meta content that […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 | March 2021 Tier List | 40ish Decks

    Hi friends it’s that time of the month again! We are into the second season of BO1, we have seen some interesting items, and others maybe not so noteworthy.  Additionally, I have rolled out my new Mets content that I have been excited to produce weekly now given your asks as well as feedback!  I […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 | February 2021 Tier List | Kaldheim!

    Hey Spikes Happy Hump Day! The Kaldheim ship has certainly sailed, and we are off to some smooth sailing here with the new set.  A lot of this I covered in the BO1 Tier list yesterday, and just to quickly touch on it here we have a nice healthy meta intact.  Now with that out […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 | February 2021 Tier List | Kaldheim!

    Hello Planeswalkers and Welcome to the Thunderdome! We are about a month into the Viking Clad world, and rockstar themed set of Kaldheim.  There are definitely some key items to touch on today with the new set, and roughly 20+ decks for us to discuss in this month’s tier list.  I am also curious as […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 January 2021 Tier List | 100+ Decks!

    Hello Planeswalkers and welcome to almost Kaldheim time! We certainly have come A LONG WAY! As I mentioned last month I would do one more Zendikar’s Rising Tier List – and this one is certainly something else.  I have been able to stick to a daily top deck plan and provided a list of 100+ […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 December 2020 Tier List

    Hello Planeswalkers Happy New Years Eve 🙂 First off – Have a safe, Happy, and Healthy New Years.  I will see you next year.  Second, good luck today to those chasing a Mythic Qualifier spot, may one of the decks below help you in your journey. Of all my tier list posts this certainly has […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 December 2020 Tier List

    Hello Planeswalkers and almost Happy New Year! I must say this has been a pretty interesting set (competitive, non & health wise), and for the most part as expected things really stuck in place last month.  We have seen a few decks pop in like whack a mole over the course of the Zendikar Season, […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 November 2020 Tier List

    Hello (Good Morning, Afternoon, & Evening) Planeswalkers! Happy Thanksgiving Day’s Eve from the US.  Additionally, I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and joyous time despite these upending unprecedented times we all are sharing in together.  I do want to say as Thanksgiving is generally a time for us to be thankful for what we have, […]