Month: August 2016

  • Pokemon Go Tracker Update

    Pokemon Go Tracker Update Finally, we got it trainers the Pokemon Go Tracker Update.  This Pokemon Go Tracker Update is phenomenal, yes that’s right, you can now actually play Pokemon Go the way it should be played.  Poke Trainers everywhere cried, and Niantic responded quickly with a great update to the in game Tracker System.  […]

  • Pokemon Go How to Level FAST

    Pokemon Go How to Level FAST So, by now everyone has been playing Pokemon Go for a few weeks…The first person to apparently catchem all has come out of the shadows, and we are also seeing the backlash from the game.  You know things like trespassing, violence, and robberies.  However, I want to tell you […]

  • Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

    Pokemon Go Beginner Guide Pokemon Go is only a few weeks old, and the out pouring of people to play the game is insane.  Recently we have seen some new patches, and functional changes to the game.  However, today I wanted to take some time and through together a helpful Pokemon Go beginner guide for […]