Month: February 2021

  • MTGA | Friday Night Meta | Feb 2021 Week 4

    Hey Planeswalkers!  As promised I am rolling out a new weekly piece all about a comprehensive take on Magic the Gathering Meta.  The goal is to equip you faster with information in a fast evolving game, and to get you the right information to help you make the decisions you need to make!  This is […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 | February 2021 Tier List | Kaldheim!

    Hey Spikes Happy Hump Day! The Kaldheim ship has certainly sailed, and we are off to some smooth sailing here with the new set.  A lot of this I covered in the BO1 Tier list yesterday, and just to quickly touch on it here we have a nice healthy meta intact.  Now with that out […]

  • MTGA Standard BO1 | February 2021 Tier List | Kaldheim!

    Hello Planeswalkers and Welcome to the Thunderdome! We are about a month into the Viking Clad world, and rockstar themed set of Kaldheim.  There are definitely some key items to touch on today with the new set, and roughly 20+ decks for us to discuss in this month’s tier list.  I am also curious as […]

  • MTGA Kaldheim Top Decks & Balance

    Hello Deckbuilders! It has been an incredible start here with KHM. I feel like it isn’t just me, and I would echo that so far it seems like things are fairly balanced out of the gate. I haven’t personally ran into a particular busted deck. Sure Tibalts trickery might be annoying, however I can advocate […]