Boom Beach: MegaCrab Speed Serum Event


MegaCrab Speed Serum

Boom Beach: MegaCrab Speed Serum Event

One of our favorite mobile gaming companies has released one of their most notorious baddies upon us this 4th of July weekend.   Dr. T’s dreaded creation MegaCrab! This time MegaCrab brought with him a new update called the Speed Serum.  The Speed Serum introduces a new aspect in the fun filled level ladder climb of MegaCrab.  The MegaCrab Speed Serum has us enjoying MegaCrab in whole new light. Last time we saw the introduction of the Freeze Bombs or Cryo Bombs.  We also have a new troop the Cryoneer in our arsenal to help take this MegaCrab speed serum release down.  I am extremely curious how Boomers will use the Cryoneer in strategic ways to beat the MegaCrab Speed Serum Levels.  Unfortunately, I am still progressing my account, and will not be able to use the Cryoneer.

MegaCrab is one of my things to attempt, and I am always happy when supercell releases him upon the Boom Beach World.  MegaCrab offers us a break from our daily island plunder hopping grind.  The introduction of megacab has been a great update to the Boom Beach Mobile Legacy.  On top of that we have been fortunate to have encountered him three times thus far.  He’s been appearing almost every two months, and as stated before I am happy SuperCell is giving us new dynamic opportunities to stretch our boom beach troop gaming skills.

My MegaCrab Speed Serum Strategy will be utilizing my Heavy, Zooka, and Medic troop types.  I will try to use good pathing to beat each stage while keeping in mind that I definitely will be making several attempts at some stages.

In the past I have been able to progress fairly far in the MegaCrab event.  In the first MegaCrab event I was able to get to Stage 20.  However, I was never able to quite overcome it.  Luckily since then I have been able to progress my account much further along.  However, I do believe with each additional MegaCrab release SuperCell has done an excellent job of making the stage progress in the MegaCrab event much more difficult by adding things like the freeze bomb and speed serum.

Stage 20 First MegaCrab Release:

Here is some game play of taking down the MegaCrab Speed Serum Stages 1-10 Update:

I want to wish everyone good luck in their ladder climb, and resource collection.  MegaCrab offers us a great boost to our resources other than our typically daily raid.  Megcrab also gives us a great pay back.  It’s very invigorating watching fellow boomers tackle MegaCrab, and makes for some friendly task force competitions.  MegaCrab has been a great boost in the past for my account, and usually allowed me to stockpile resources to progress my headquarters.  However, I need to stay vigilant in spending them as well, because MegaCrab offers a great weekend of raiding your neighbor’s bases as well.  I highly encourage you to keep a close eye on your neighbors this weekend because I am willing to bet you can score some big paydays off them as they participate in the MegaCrab Speed Serum Release.

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend, and enjoy the MegaCrab Speed Serum Event! Happy Crabbing!

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