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  • MTGA Momir Strategy Guide

    Momir Strategy Guide Personally I find the Momir Planeswalker event pretty funt.  The randomness of the event always makes for an interesting match plus it is a nice break from standard Magic play.  Interestingly, with that said there are some pretty key tactics you can employ during the event to improve your odds of winning.  […]

  • MTGA Historic Challenge Mono Green Stompy

    If you are still looking for a deck for the MTGA Historic Challenge you should take a look at Mono Green Stompy! For instance, this deck helped me complete the event going 8-2, and bested an assortment of decks.  You should know that it is extremely potent as well as explosive turn 2. I was […]

  • MTGA Dominaria – Standard Shakeup Mono-Red

    In the next installment of the MTGA Plane-cation we find ourselves back in the land of Dominaria. Here the format is a standard shakeup. A twist on current standard meta by banning 19 cards that heavily influence the current standard landscape. You can see the entire list at the end of the article or by […]