COMPREHENSIVE Topping Guide! | Cookie Run Kingdom | BEST Toppings | FARM | ULTIMATE Cookie Pairings

Hey Cookies! Welcome to an in-depth comprehensive toppings guide to help you along your way in Cookie Run Kingdom! I will focus on several things in this article to help you understand toppings by breaking them down, which toppings to pair with what cookie types, where you can farm toppings, chat about topping pieces, and close out with a few tips and tricks.

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Break Down Toppings

First off, toppings are currently of 10 different varieties that your cookies can equip in order to get a boost!  Equipping multiple toppings provides an added layer of set bonus effects as well.  This wikipedia page gives you some additional information.

The key toppings breakdown:

Bouncy Caramel – %ATK SPD

Fresh Kiwi – %Debuff Resist

Hard Walnut – %DEF

Healthy Peanut – %HP

Hearty Hazelnut – %CRIT Resist

Juicy Apple Jelly – %CRIT

Searing Raspberry – %ATK

Solid Almond – %DMG Resist

Sweet Candy – %Amplify Buff

Swift Chocolate – %Cooldown

There are currently three levels of these toppings common, rare, and epic.  Now that doesn’t mean there could be more in the future! Each topping rarity provides an additional substat up to three additional sub stats with Epic cookies.  One key thing here is that you can have the same sub stat as a main stat, so keep that in mind.  All the sub stats are equivalent to main stats in terms of what is available and do have a percent range on what you can get.  Keep this in mind as you tweak your perfect topping mix!

Best Toppings to Pair with Cookie Types

There are currently Eight Types of cookies available for Cookie Run Kingdom.  Those types are: Power, Ambush, Defense, Magic, Ranged, Bomber, Support, and Healing.  At a very high level we will break down how to pair these types with the best toppings!

First Off, there are mainly three cookie toppings you should primarily focus on.  These are THE BEST cookie toppings.  They are Searing Raspberry, Solid Almond, & Swift Chocolate.  Mainly the way to think about this is Damage Dealers, Tankers, and Turns!

Ideally, the way you are going to work to pair here is Defense, and Power Cookies will work well with Solid Almond as your tankers or front line cookies.  Next, we have Magic, Ambush, Power, Ranged, Bomber as Damage Dealers or DPS that will work well with our Searing Raspberry Toppings.    Last, for Swift Chocolate Toppings, and fast turns or ultimating as much as possible we generally want Magic, Support, and Healing Cookie Types to be paired.

Where to Farm

Farming for any game is always important! Knowing where and why to do it even more so in order to preserve your resources, and maximize your time as well as game progression!  Ideally here we need to focus on the BEST cookie toppings we mentioned above.  Additionally, you will want to go after Epic cookie toppings.

First, Dark and Story mode offer the same chance of getting a topping.  Ideally, to maximize resources you will want to farm in Story Mode.  Second, the ideal campaign level is 8-29 where you have an equal chance to get a Searing Raspberry & Solid Almond Epic Topping.  If you are newer or early game the recommendation would be to find these toppings at the highest level of progression you are at.

Epic cookies first appear past stage 5.  You need to beat stage 5, and get to stage 6 to first encounter Epic cookie toppings.

Topping Pieces

Topping Pieces are used to level up your toppings.  The cost significantly scales per level gained on a Cookie Topping.  You will need a lot of these things!  Refer to the wiki here to see exactly how much and percent change of level up success!  At a highlevel past level 6 it becomes roughly a 50% chance of success, and per level costs you just as many topping pieces as the level you are going after.  It gets spendy!

With the above said we need to know where we can get toppings!  There are a few places where you can derive your topping fodder.  First, you can break down your extra cookie toppings into pieces.  A fast way to do this is using the filtering, you can see this nicely in the Youtube Guide.  Next, you can acquire toppings by completing campaign stages.  Another spot to keep an eye on are all the events.  Lots of time game progression, and events will yield you 30-50 Topping Pieces!  Last, some of the best, and my favorite places to get Topping Pieces comes from the Balloon & Train!  The Balloon is probably the best place with a super success at stage 9 you get 17 Topping Pieces! These quickly add up and on a per resource basis is probably the best return.

Tips to Keep in Mind

To summarize a few things above, and some additional information to help you in this Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide I want to leave you with a few key things!

  1. Three Major Toppings – Searing Raspberry, Solid Almond, & Swift Chocolate
  2. At level 30 is when you can equip 5 Toppings on your cookies
  3. Best place to Farm Toppings is 8-29
  4. Best place for Topping Pieces is the Balloon
  5. You will generally want to have 5x of your toppings equipped, and not split sets
  6. Don’t forget to breakdown those extra Cookie Toppings into pieces with your filters

I hope you have enjoyed this guide, and the YouTube Video!  Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out with any feedback.  I wish you the best in your Cookie Run Kingdom endeavors and may your cookies be certainly tasty!