July 2021 | BO1 Tier List | D&D AFR | Standard 2022 | 10+ Decks

Happy almost end of the first new season of DnD AFR Planeswalkers!

On tap today we have a fresh cut of Standard 2022.  This is a super fun format, and glad we are fortunate to have this format once again this year.  Standard 2022 is a set that will set us up out of the gate for the rotation about to ensue next which I think at least from my qualitative analysis says more people are currently interested in this format.

Generally speaking BO1 formats we heavily rely on data where we can for the tier list, however Standard 2022 is a slight exception to that.  No where have I seen good evidence minus personal gameplay as well as reading many other povs, plus that of watching other plays.  In particular to the discord players that enjoy streaming.

This format has also been exciting as many players that I know have carved their path, some firsts through the gauntlet of the new format which is always exciting. One last cool thing is you have voted, and well over 100 folks have participated.  We heard and are holding a Standard 2022 League you can feel free to participate in starting next Saturday!

Past Tier Lists and Articles for additional context, trends, and observations below.

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I pull these lists together to help give us an alternative competitive angle, as well as trends, with a nice little timestamp as I believe being competitive there is a long term knowledge angle we need to take as well 🙂

Additionally, I like to provide a competitive MTGA Landscape, those who like a visual or just to discuss! You can find the observations along with the tier list below.  Please share your thoughts as always, and feel free to comment on the new format or decks I should consider that I missed.  For additional fun banter feel free to join the 250+ Discord army!

TLDR: Green crushes, and treasure trove of opportunity.  No Brewers block here as well as a fun vacuum to test things out.  Bye Bye Eldraine.

Items of Interest & Considerations:

  • BIG GREEN MACHINE – The strongest archetype by far, and one that has dominated tournament play is Mono Green Aggro.  Even though the deck I have provided is a slight variant below it equally packs a punch.  Green gained the most in the two drop slots with draw, and card advantage.  These additions to the deck have made it a fierce competitor, and if you don’t play this deck you need a game plan to play against it.  Certainly an archetype that has helped shape Standard 2022 as a format.
  • Dungeons & DragonsThe new set has been a ton of fun.  It has brought some nice tweaking to several key archetypes that will remain post rotation, however in my opinion it didn’t have that “True” meta shaping touch.  Where I am going, and I will circle back on this in a bit. We didn’t see the new mechanics really take off.  We didn’t see a venture into the dungeon deck.  However, we did get one deck in regular standard and probably could pull something off in standard 2022 with azorius artifacts.  Equally, there are certainly decks that do bring a bit of new flavor with pact tactics as well as holes that did make things better like mono green aggro.
  • Treasure Hunt – I am one of the biggest believers that what the new set brought us was an insane ability to find the right mana base as well as ramp with artifact treasure tokens.  This ability to drop a T3 Goldspan is pretty ridiculous, and I have done it.  Recently we saw a Jund treasure deck take down a fun small standard 2022 online tournament.  I strongly believe the treasure archetypes will be worth keeping an eye on.
  • A Deck for Everyone There are two key parts to this observation.  First and foremost this is a great time for entry.  What this means is an ability for new players to pick up quickly at a lower cost of entry in terms of standard.  The second is we also get to see a lot of great decks.  Things have ranged from aggro to late, as well as some pretty interesting interactive decks which is always a plus as well as a sign of format health.  Inclusive of that to my beginning point is a lack of overall data definitely can help keep some of the opaqueness in the game, increasing a range of playable decks.
  • Eldraine EffectBye Bye adventure, and welcome standard 2022.  I think many of us were ready for this, and it clearly has shown in the appetite of players that have pursued playing this format over general standard.  The other piece here is the search of the filler decks for the once tried and true adventure decks.  This leaves and has left a nice wake in the meta for newcomers to rise and fall.  Personally, I am always a fan of the change, and I believe many of you are as well.
  • Brewers ParadiseTo double click here on a deck for everyone I want to extrapolate a few more quick points.  Right now is a great time to try your own brews out, as I mentioned earlier several players in the discord made it on their own terms to Mythic in Standard 2022.  This is one thing despite my channel focus on all things meta as well as top decks I am always proud of.  The other part is since some of it is currently in a data vacuum it also protects your ability to play it competitively because the true value isn’t fully known, at least as of yet.  It also leaves a lot of room for interpretation and potential pace changes in the meta in which to experiment with.

What goes into this list?

For returners or those that are new I have been asked before on how I pull these together as well.  BO1 is a slightly different beast vs. BO3.  Here I rely heavier on win rate stats at very competitive levels starting at Mythic then work my way backwards through the tiers if needed for additional POVs.  It is also based on gameplay – and I myself favor BO1 until I usually hit Top 1500 🙂 – I take into consideration untapped.ggs companion app stats as they tend to have a great amount of data, and a good ability to slice and dice decks.  One additional call out again is due to the vastness of decks or newest additions not all data is readily available so for the gaps I try to expand where I can via experience, tournaments, and other data driven sites available.

THANK YOU & Additional Info

I have produced this list from a culmination of a few things. I have reached this point by pulling together research data from multiple sources like untapped, MTGAzone, Aetherhub, twitter, personal gameplay, tournament matches, this reddit as well as others, personal stats, and consistently hitting Mythic over the last year and participation in the last Mythic Qualifier.

Again, Happy to discuss or talk about decks not included! Tier list below plus deck lists (shells – tweak to your heart’s content) if you are looking for some options most all top 1500 at some point many at the #1 Rank, and multiple top end tournament results!

One last thought I would like to share: If you have a competitive deck (different than one featured) I am always happy to do a piece on it time permitting. I have several folks that ask, and have done several player featured decks. I rather enjoy this so please don’t hesitate to reach out or ask. I always try to prioritize with the following and timing or relevance – MTGA Rank (1500s)/Top Tournaments down to Plat2Mythic Decks.

If you would like to do a collaboration feel free to reach out as well. Feel free to reach out or hang in the Multiverse Discord Server.  Another reminder to sign up for the Standard 2022 League kicking off next week!

July’s Standard 2022 Tier List

All Full Deck lists consolidated below.

MTGA Standard 2022 BO1 July 2021 Tier List

Tier 1 (3)

Mono Green Landfall (Deck Link)

Mono White Aggro (Deck Link)

Boros Goblins (Deck Link)

Tier 2 (6)

Boros Aggro (Deck Link)

Mardu Treasure (Deck Link)

Orzhov Angels (Deck Link)

Dimir Control (Deck Link)

Golgari Control (Deck Link)

Simic Ramp (Deck Link)

Tier 3 (4)

Mardu Codie Reanimator (Deck Link)

Gruul Treasure (Deck Link)

Golgari Elves (Deck Link)

Naya Aggro (Deck Link)


I hope you enjoyed this slice of competitive Magic the Gathering on Arena or if you are lucky right now in paper. Thank you for your time, and feedback is always welcome! As previously mentioned happy to discuss deck choices, decks, and lists as always!