MTGA Kaldheim Top Decks & Balance

Hello Deckbuilders!

It has been an incredible start here with KHM. I feel like it isn’t just me, and I would echo that so far it seems like things are fairly balanced out of the gate. I haven’t personally ran into a particular busted deck. Sure Tibalts trickery might be annoying, however I can advocate you can still win when it hits. I’m currently 2 for 2 in competitive matchmaking clawing back from a T2 tibalt that should have landed wins for my opponents.

With that said, I did want to share some pretty cool decks I’ve had a chance to play here as well as some thoughts. Would also love to hear from you!

At a highlevel – slightly no surprise and it feels very aggro dominated atm. One deck I haven’t had a chance to actually play yet is the new Sultai Yorion lists. I have played against it several times, and this could be a potential deck to shift this.

Additionally, there is a different take between BO1 & BO3 so keep that in mind. The biggest piece I would just say is the amount of aggro decks in BO3 atm – however, I think this is a function of early season.

#1 Wet Gruul


Really a Temur deck – but this Gruul deck allows access to some counter magic. This one in particular hones in on negates, to change up some unfavorable matchups.

Top 100 Mono White Lifegain 


Access to the new angel is a game changer. Also, much more hushbringers mainboarded – so just be aware and cautious as it does turn off some of your triggers!

Top 100 Temur Ultimatum 


This deck ran very very smooth. Goldspan has added a new element to the matchup. Removing Terror of the Peaks though, removes some pretty heavy blow out, while Goldspan may create a much smoother experience.

#5 Izzet Tempo 


Personally, I think this Izzet Tempo list is a big upside surprise. Given Izzet tempos strength in ZNR. I would say keep an eye on this one as it evolves along with the meta.

Top 25 Mono White Aggro 


A fast and furious deck, Mono White has picked up some nice adds in KHM.

#1 Mono Red Boast 


Mother of Dragons! This #1 deck is an interesting take, and the new 2/2 first striker is just good in general as well. Its an strong take in BO3 as well as I have seen similar BO3 successful lists now creeping up in the meta.

#2 Naya Aggro 


This list is draw gas! Little squirrels do things 😛 I think Naya is going to be another potential change/contender in the meta. We will see how this deck continues to evolve as well!

#2 Boros Aggro 


Smashing what were the two best colors in BO1 together and making another strong contender will certainly continue to add to the tiering jockey. Keep an eye on this deck, and we will see how showdown continues to impact.

Top 100 Jeskai Spells 


Adding Skalds to get some advantage is extremely helpful. I think this one can be strengthened, as there are almost too many 1 offs here, but keep an eye on this archetype as well.

Would love to hear what people think!