MTGA Mythic Top 500 June 2020

Hey Planeswalkers!

Super excited to share my Journey with you to the Mythic top 500 spot in Magic the Gathering Arena for the June 2020 Season! This has been a personal best for me in terms of the amount of time it took to get to Mythic, clocking in at 18 hours vs. my usual 30 hours of gameplay.  Additionally, this was the highest placement I have been at or received.

Generally, I expect a 99%-95% placement.  However, I was pleasantly surprised this go around to find it was much higher.  My two guesses were based off my win rate, and the fact that I just got to Mythic faster this season.  With that said I was able to climb the ladder with two decks!

First and foremost from last season was my Mono red deck, that I crafted to play better against companions.  Particularly, Lupus decks.  Now, initially I was worried that it wouldn’t play as strong with the changes to the companion play.  I was not surprised to see it definitely fell down early, hence the second deck I will get to in a minute.  However, after climbing to the top end of Diamond, it became very reliable again.

Next, what helped give me a boost was Mardu Knights.  I will post the decklist and a video soon so please stay tuned! Feel free to subscribe here or to the YouTube channel to stay up to date.

Both of the decks ran upwards to 70%-80% win rate until I hit the last two tiers of Diamond.  They then began to dilute downwards to about 58%.  I began to lose much more on draw as well, which significantly impacted the play.  Overall, I was extremely happy this season so far, and maybe this will be the one, time pending I finish top 1200! Stay Tuned!

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