PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event

PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event

Since it was discovered PokemonGo Daily Bonus would be a new feature via data mining, and confirmed by Niantic the PokemonGo Daily Bonus is finally coming to fruition.  With that said it was recently announced yesterday in honor of the Daily Bonus Update Niantic would have a PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event running from November 7th to November 11th.  This is extremely exciting coming off of the PokemonGo Halloween Event.

Pokemon Go Daily Bonus Event

Celebrating Daily Bonuses with More Daily Bonuses

With the rollout of the new PokemonGo Daily Bonuses it has been confirmed from November 7th to November 11th not only will you get to experience a PokemonGo Daily Bonus, you will get a few additional bonuses!  First you will experience more Pokemon sightings! On top of an increase in sightings, each pokestop will yield a bigger loot!  This means more great balls, and ultra balls for trainers that are 20 plus!

PokemonGo Daily Bonus – Personal Experience

Two days ago coming home from a trip I noticed an increase in stardust on my first pokemon, and an increase in items from my first Pokestop.  I wondered to myself if they had finally pushed the Pokemongo Daily Bonus out.  Then when I got home I was baffled by all the Pokemon I was seeing show up on my radar. Whenever I see something odd in PokemonGo my immediate reaction is this supposed to be happening?  Then I immediately go into the mode of, well I definitely must play more and take advantage of this.  One of the things I noticed was a big increase in Tauros so jokingly I was calling it Pokemon Thanksgiving Event.

Low and behold finding out today they are actually running a PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event, which is awesome.  The best part being not only have I been able to capture a lot of Pokemon in the last 36 hours I have been able to keep my bags full.  I think Niantic has done a good job with coinciding this event with the new Pokestop Lock where you can’t get Pokestops any more while you are driving.  As much as I hate this I think it is a fair compromise, but definitely a pain in the butt as many older trainers probably only have time to play during their work commutes.  Hence pushing those trainers further and further behind.  We all know unfortunately we can’t all play 24/7 as much as we would like to.

The Pokestop lock will also lead to a decrease in activity among trainers that will face a big weather change coming soon known as winter.  This will be a key question as how Niantic will make it an even playing field with weather pattern changes.  Fortunately for PokemonGo Trainers in the northern hemisphere it has been exceptionally mild weather so far.

PokemonGo Increase Sightings

So, if you are fortunate to have time to play PokemonGo I highly encourage you to get out there and catch some Pokemon over the coming days! Good luck Trainers, and stay safe.