Summoners War: 90 Day Guide, Tips, Tricks, and a look back

Summoners War

Summoners War: 90 Day Guide, Tips, Tricks, and a look back

I have been playing Summoners War for the past three months, and I want to share some of what I would consider at this point rookie things yet extremely important to know. That will help your game progression.  I also will share how far along I am after playing this game consistently into having no energy available.  Yes, it can be a grind, but it’s a fun one that is well worth it.


First off, there are a few things every summoner should focus on as they start off.  There will be core monsters you can get without really having to gamble to get them.  Those monsters will really help you as you progress early throughout the game and into mid-game.  You should definitely try to get Wind Pixie Shannon, Wind Warbear Ramagos, and Wind Griffon Bernard.  These three monsters will really help you out in your dungeon progression.  The slow from Shannon is extremely helpful in taking down the Giants in Giant’s Keep.

Next, thing to think about aside from the monsters is game progression.  You can certainly progress through the game without them, but they will be extremely helpful in expediting it.  I definitely recommend trying to get through all the game stages and completing the game in normal mode.  Doing so will unlock the higher levels of difficulty, open up dimensional rifts, and rift worlds.  Doing so will not only be an enjoyable gaming experience it will also make you feel like you didn’t just sit and dungeon grind all day.  On top of that you will unlock the whole story line.  We all really want to know what’s going on with Ellia & Durand.

Last, make sure you join a guild.  Guild participation will slowly add up over time.  I have been focused on making my first Ifrit.  There are plenty of great items in the guild shop available for purchase.  The other thing is being a member in a guild gives you access to other great players, and provides a social gaming experience.  I am suggesting to join a guild because unless your guild is actually good at farming or winning battles it will take a while to get things like Ifrit from the shop.


After covering some of what I would consider the core basics in the first 90 days of playing Summoners War there is definitely multiple other things to consider.  The thing I probably like best about the game is that it will take you in multiple directions, and down different paths.  Summoners War will provide a great unique gaming experience for any gamer.  It is also why I truly believe the biggest thing you can do is really focus, and have a methodical strategy for approaching the game.  As you are working on the core pieces of the game there are several things you need to think about and how you want to approach it.  You will need to advance your monsters, tackle events, level up your runes, and ultimately grow the diversity in your monster team.  You need to focus on how you want to do this or you will be pulled in too many directions, and feel like you are just spinning your wheels.

I think the biggest thing you need to do is really focus on getting a six star monster.  Six starring a monster will enable your team to move along a lot faster.  I chose Fire Rakasha Hwa as my first six star to help me progress in Giants.  I can consistently complete Giants B8 with her and my team.  Figuring out the right monster to six star is tough.  I don’t necessarily think she was the best one to six star, but I had to make a choice and move on.  In the end as you continually progress your account, the way you look at your in game resources will change.  They will become much more abundant and you will have access to a lot more things you didn’t at lower levels.  You can’t be discouraged because you didn’t six star the correct monster the first time around, however some choices are better then others.  Eventually I’m sure you will have all your monsters six starred and max level runes if you really put the time and effort in.

Next, you need to consider participation in the weekly events.  I strongly recommend participating in Hall of Heroes and the many other events offered.  Com2Us does a good job in my opinion of changing the game up, and putting events on weekends so people can actually participate.  I think they give early players a great way to help their progression mainly because I look at the events as getting resources at a discount, and knowing what you’re getting with your time.  For instance in the last Hall of Heroes it was Fire Assassin Lexy.  I knew that if I took the time I would get a decent natural four star monster.  The other thing I do want to include with Events is completing your dailies!  It is very important to run through these each day, and should only take you only 15 minutes max.  Completing the dailies will net you 10 crystals, and once you complete the game storyline you will have access to three rift shards.  Those rift shards will be important when you want to blow 20-30 energy because you’re lazy once and a while.

Then after participating in events and building your monsters up, it’s important to keep in mind your runes.  Stronger runes and proper builds will make your monsters much stronger and viable.  One of the things I made a HUGE mistake on it the beginning was wasting my mana on pushing low level runes to level 15.  Do not do this!  I did it on many two star runes.  You will get better runes faster than you need to level your low level runes.  It starts to slow around the four and five star runes.  So, here is my rune advice, and I believe this is also commonly accepted knowledge in Summoners War.  Only level your runes at a three times multiplier per star. What this means is a one star rune should only ever be leveled to three, two star to six, three star to nine, and so on.  Now, I think you can sort of break with tradition at four star runes because it may help you get over the hump in some parts.  The major thing is that runes are extremely mana intensive, and will deplete that resource quickly.  Hopefully, using the three times multiplier will help you more efficiently use your mana.

The last thing I want to talk about is growing your monster team! This can be accomplished multiple ways, but a quick and easy one is to spend crystals.  Early on I struggled on how to spend my crystals, and I believe probably up until level 40 you should use your crystals on Premium Packs.  This is because your energy won’t quite be maxed yet, and the amount of monsters you have or the right line up won’t be at fruition yet.  Most likely at least for a free to play player.  In my first 90 days I have been able to purchase five premium packs.  Now, to be realistic on the gamble of getting new monsters, I have yet to get a Natural five star.  Hopefully you will have better luck!

90 Day Statistics

-Level 37
-Six Star Monsters: Fire Rakasha Hwa
-Completion of the storyline on Normal
-Completion on Hell up through Faimon, Completion on Hard up through Ferun Castle
-Guild Leader: The_Stand (Feel free to apply)
-Trial of Ascension: Little less then stage 40 on Normal, and Little less then Stage 20 on Hard (I haven’t really focused on ToA)
-Dungeons: Completion Giant’s Keep B8, Completion Dragon’s Lair B6, Completion Necropolis B4, Hall of Magic B8, Most Halls B8 however Hall of Dark B10.  Also, can clear most Secret Dungeons now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those, and I will do my best to answer them or find someone that can. Most of all have fun! I think Summoners War is a great game!