Summoners War: Trial of Ascension Guide June/July 2017

Summoners War: Trial of Ascension Guide June/July 2017

This Trial of Ascension Guide should be used as a reference, or additional source to help you progress in the June/July 2017 Trial of Ascension for Summoners War.  First off, I love TOA.  One of the main reasons is the great rewards you can rack up over the course of the 30ish day challenge.  However, on the flip side sometimes obtaining these rewards can prove to be somewhat of a challenge.  Hence, why I decided to through this blog together with some clips to help provide an additional point of view.  One thing that I have found to happen oddly enough is sometimes you get stuck on random floors for the specific TOA, and this time around it was Floor 83.  I will cover that awkward floor as well.  So, sit back, relax, grab some breakfast or popcorn where ever you are in the world, and enjoy.

Trial of Ascension 70F Aschubel

Aschubel isn’t that bad of a mob floor for TOA.  Aschubel may provide more difficulties at higher levels, but in this months case I was able to go straight to the face and DPSer down.  Straight to the face is always clutch, and fun.

Team: Veromos(L), Iona, Chasun, Water Homie, Theomars

Ideally you should be able to go multiple different DPSers to help you get past this floor, and you can sub on the healers here as well.  For example, you could throw belladeon into the mix.

Trial of Ascension 80F Xing Zhe

The floor features Wind Monkey King Xing Zhe with Isillen and Ursha Mobs.  I take a slow and steady approach by taking out the Ursha’s then Dark Elven Rangers.  Finishing up with Xing Zhe himself.

Team: Veromos(L), Iona, Chasun, Water Homie, Theomars

A little crowd control, damage dealing, and big heals help to accomplish the task!  Same as above, the strategy will be the same, just find the right monsters that fit into your crew.

Trial of Ascension 83F Dover Eluin

TOA 83, to be honest and frank I included this floor because I got stuck.  I don’t want to lie even after clearing TOA for several months now you do get stuck or hit a roadblock once and a while with your team.

This floor particularly I wanted to showcase two different teams to help with TOA 83F Dover Eluin.  Floor 83 of this months Trial of Ascension can be a show stopper if you are not fully prepared for the two Dovers and three Eluins.  My team is not fully farmable but the strategy remains the same.  Try and spank down the Eluins then move on to the dovers.  To achieve this you will need some speed, and really a decent CC team.  You will want some stunner instead of Iris and Hommie to most likely help do the trick!

Dover Eluin Teams:

Veromos(L), Bernard, Hommie Water, Iris, Chasun

Veromos(L), Bernard, Sigmarus, Chasun, Theomars (run starts @ 3:30)

Trial of Ascension 90F Poseidon

Take out the Dark Taoist  Woohak first then the Fucos, and close out with Poseidon.  The way I was able to accomplish this floor was with speed.  The big thing that allowed me to close it out was bringing in both Verdehile and Bernard.  I was almost able to complete it without Verdehile.  Some other combos I saw was the use of everyones favorite Baretta, but you could definitely get the job done with a little more crowd control then I used.  I would also suggest using Aria, but unfortunately mine was not at 6 star to get the job done for me.

Team: Veromos(L), Verdehile, Bernard, Belladeon, Chasun

Trial of Ascension 100F Ath’taros

This video still holds true on how you want to approach TOA 100F when the monster boss is Ath’taros.  The idea is to take out the left crystal, right crystal, and then the boss.  This is the most tried and true approach to completing the floor.

Team: Veromos (L), Belladeon, Iona, Theomars, Chasun

I realize the team used to beat the level is not 100% farmable.  In my case the strategy was to get high health, big heals, and one DPSer.  With that said, you can sub in different monsters for the ones you do not have to beat TOA 100F.


In summary, I showcased my Summoners War Trial of Ascension team to help produce a Trial of Ascension Guide for June/July 2017.  Not all the monsters are farmable, but the general strategy and ideas remain constant.  I hope you were able to find this Summoners War Guide useful, and may your Trial of Ascension runs in this recent month prove successful Summoners!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and I will be happy to respond.