Summoners War a Week in Review (2/13/17 to 2/19/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (2/13/17 to 2/19/17)

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Like last week, apologies for being a day late again.  I was traveling yesterday, and did not have time to make the weekly post on time.  With that said I am quickly closing in on a year of Summoners War! However, I do not think I will be able to make all the goals I had set. A big piece of that has been due to time, there just wasn’t quite enough run way to get there.  On the flip side I was able to take a TOAN stuffing from the previous month with Artamiel and work out the kinks.

***Note per feedback next week I will include a list of times and progress for tracking (Sorry didn’t have time for it this week)***


This week’s theme is going to be along the lines of Summoners War persistence.  I want to go by that as its sort of two fold.  First, it’s the persistence of being able to beat TOAN 100 again for this cycle.  Then it is also Summoners War persistence because as I begin to move into year two of Summoners war I have goals that I can carry over into the next year of gameplay.


Coming off the back of last month’s roll over of TOAN and getting stuck at Artamiel I made it my Summoners War crusade to beat TOAN 100 right away.  There was no filly farting around, and I wanted to get straight to it.  I wanted to make sure I had ample time to work out any kinks instead of leaving a very tight timeline at the end of the TOA roll over like I typically do.

I was able to progress quickly like I have in the past getting to around TOAN 80 for auto.  I do pay a little attention at the boss levels sometimes, just to ensure a little efficiency.  It wasn’t until TOAN 80 Seara where I actually had to think about my strategy a bit.  In order to beat TOAN 80 I swapped in Hwa for slows and big hits to accomplish the task of going straight to the face.

This month’s TOAN 90 Aschubel seemed like a cake walk relative to last months.  I was able to quickly by pass it, and get to 100.  I was able to beat TOAN 100 first run through, with the same strategy I used last time to beat it.  The team I use works well by having big heals and big health.  I run Veromos, Theomars, Iona, Belladeon, and Chasun to accomplish the completion of TOAN 100.

Necropolis Update

I did not make any additional progress on trying to beat Necropolis B10 this past week.  I believe I need to re-rune Hwa violent if I would like to complete with some of my current monsters.  I am also sitting on six starring an additional one at the moment. That six star will most likely be Colleen, not only to help with Necro B10, but other areas of the game as well.

Rune Update

I will update the Rune counts next week, as I accidently already combined this weeks into the mix. Apologies again, but I did not run either that much as I decided to focus on TOA instead, so not really much of an update anyway.

Giant B10 Run Count: 103 – TBD

Dragon B10 Run Count: 358 – TBD

The_Stand Guild Wars

We had another good week in guild wars!

Rating: 1022

Rank: 5848

GamertagMythras PvP

This past week I did not play a lot of PVP.  Even though I flipped back to my old strategy I think I was just slightly north of 100 attacks for the week, still significantly less than my usual.

Rating: TBD

Rank: TBD

Notable Mentions

Wind Mummy Secret Dungeon

Runes Level 15

I was able to upgrade four more runes to level 15 this week.


I leveled up 7 different buildings this week.  I figured based off last week’s TOA runs maybe my monsters could use a little more help.


Overall I was very happy with last week’s Summoners War persistence.  Being slightly grumpy of the TOAN 90 stuffing of the week before I was able to accomplish my goal last week of turning the tables on TOA.  I am looking forward to the next week as I will hit my one year of Summoners War gameplay, and continue to fine tune and work through my next set of challenges/goals.  Until then summoners keep on summoning.

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