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  • MTGA Standard BO3 | February 2021 Tier List | Kaldheim!

    Hey Spikes Happy Hump Day! The Kaldheim ship has certainly sailed, and we are off to some smooth sailing here with the new set.  A lot of this I covered in the BO1 Tier list yesterday, and just to quickly touch on it here we have a nice healthy meta intact.  Now with that out […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 December 2020 Tier List

    Hello Planeswalkers and almost Happy New Year! I must say this has been a pretty interesting set (competitive, non & health wise), and for the most part as expected things really stuck in place last month.  We have seen a few decks pop in like whack a mole over the course of the Zendikar Season, […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 November 2020 Tier List

    Hello Spikes! It certainly has been an interesting meta with some hiccups out of the gate in the great rotation plus the release of Zendikar’s Rising, however we are most certainly in one of the smoothest periods I certainly recall since the Return to Ravnica days.  Things continue to be extremely healthy, and I will […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 October 2020 Expanded List

    Almost two weeks ago now I pulled together a BO1 & BO3 shortlist pre Omnath on this website.  I am doing a follow-up for October in my second part of the series with an expanded  BO1 & BO3.   Also, I normally do BO1 first, and decided to switch it up with my more in […]

  • MTGA Standard BO3 October 2020 Short Tier List

    Hi Planeswalkers! I recently put together a tier list here on this website for BO1 to help with anyone tackling the competitive MTGA Landscape, those who like a visual or just to discuss! Along with providing a BO1 tier list take I wanted to provide a BO3 one as well.  Especially since we all know […]