Fire Emblem Heroes Review

Fire Emblem Heroes Review

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Fire Emblem Heroes is a free to play tactics game released for iOS and Android February 2, 2017. The game was developed by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.  Fire Emblem Heroes is an action packed game with an interesting storyline.  You eventually find out that the Heroes you are fighting with are trying to find their friend Zacharias.

Fire Emblem Heroes comes from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem product line. You can find more information about Fire Emblem here at Nintendo’s website:


I have been playing the game for about two weeks now, and have thoroughly enjoyed Fire Emblem Heroes. First, I like how the user experience is laid out with the game, and you can pick it up with relative ease if you haven’t played a game of similar style before.  The initial opening of the game you are summoned by a group of heroes: Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna.  They are embroiled in a fight with a young princess by the name of Veronica who is trying to destroy their kingdom of Askr.

Your job as the tactician is to ensure Veronica doesn’t achieve her goal of destroying Askr. You play with four heroes at a time fighting many different style foes.  As you progress throughout the game you will ally with more and more heroes allowing you to build unique teams to counter your enemies.


Fire Emblem Battles

There are three major pieces to the game you will become familiar with rather quickly. First, is the maps which is comprised of the Story Maps and Special Maps.  The Story Maps are the general game progression, and range from a Normal, Hard, and Lunatic mode across 9 Chapters each with 5 Parts.  On top of that not only is there a Main Story but additional Paralogues.

Main Story Maps

The Special Maps allow you to essentially recruit new heroes to build your teams. Here each day is a refresh where you can attempt to defeat different heroes.  After completing the parts you will unlock them in joining your team.

Special Maps

The Second piece of the Fire Emblems Battles icon is the Arena Duels. Here you are able to fight fellow tacticians and send invites in a non real-time PvP match.  Moving up the ranks and gaining more offense and defense points grants you better rewards at the end of the arena event duration.

Arena Duels

The last major piece of Fire Emblem gameplay with the battles is the Training Tower. As you unlock more chapters in the Story Maps more stratums open up for you to train your heroes.  You will spend a lot of time here.  A Fire Emblem Tip is to make sure to get use to using Auto-Battle, but be careful it can get stuck in loops, and isn’t necessarily always looking out for your best interest.  The Training tower is a great way to get experience for your heroes and level them up!

Training Tower

Fire Emblem Summon

One last piece I want to share is that as you progress through the game you will receive orbs allowing you to summon more heroes! Lots of times there are special rotations that feature heroes from many of the different Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem Summon


All in all I have thoroughly enjoyed Fire Emblem Heroes, and look forward to spending ample hours playing. I know there is a lot left to the game, but I think you have the basics.  Feel free to subscribe for additional Fire Emblem content as well as gameplay videos.  I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have!

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