MTGA Historic Challenge Mono Green Stompy

If you are still looking for a deck for the MTGA Historic Challenge you should take a look at Mono Green Stompy! For instance, this deck helped me complete the event going 8-2, and bested an assortment of decks.  You should know that it is extremely potent as well as explosive turn 2. I was able to subdue mono red and mirror matches alike. The one deck that gave me some challenges was a nexus reclamation deck.

Ultimately, I think the deck below is for you.  I hope you enjoy the Mono Green Stompy deck as much as me for the MTGA Historic Challenge.

Above all, be sure to check out my Youtube video overview and gameplay here to help fine tune your play:

Most importantly, s couple sideboard notes because it will be an important part of your strategy.  I sideboarded every game after the first match once I realized what my opponents were playing. It is critical in a BO3 game.

First, any time you run into enchantments or artifacts make sure to get in Return to Nature, Thrashing Brontodon, and Viven.  Next, flier removal you have Kraul plus Voracious Hydra on the offensive. On the Defensive you can leverage Shifting Ceratops and Viven.

Additionally, I mainly swapped out after the first match were Barkhide Troll, and Ghalta depending on the opponent’s deck strategy.   Second after that were Pelt and Lovestruck if I really needed to change the deck up.

Last, best of Luck Planeswalkers! Again, I hope you enjoyed the deck as much as me!  The Mono Green Stompy deck can certainly help you topple the MTGA Historic Challenge like it did for me.

Mono Green Stompy

Creature (31)

(3) Gilded Goose

(4) Llanowar Elves

(2) Paradise Druid

(3) Lovestruck Beast

(2) Pelt Collector

(4) Questing Beast

(4) Steel Leaf Champion

(4) Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

(3) Barkhide Troll

(2) Ghalta, Primal Hunger 

Instant (1)

(1) Return of the Wildspeaker

Artifact (2)

(2) The Great Henge

Planeswalker (3)

(3) Vivien, Arkbow Ranger

Land (23)

(2) Castle Garenbrig

(21) Forest

Sideboard (15)

(1) Carnage Tyrant

(1) Kraul Harpooner

(1) Return to Nature

(2) Ripjaw Raptor

(2) Sentinel Totem

(4) Shifting Ceratops

(1) Thrashing Brontodon

(1) Vivien Reid

(2) Voracious Hydra

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