MTGA Momir Strategy Guide

Momir Strategy Guide

Personally I find the Momir Planeswalker event pretty funt.  The randomness of the event always makes for an interesting match plus it is a nice break from standard Magic play.  Interestingly, with that said there are some pretty key tactics you can employ during the event to improve your odds of winning.  This Momir Strategy guide will help cover two versions of the current MTG Arena Events. The standard Momir as well as a guide to the planeswalker Momir!

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Momir Strategy

The general strategy for the original Momir Event is centered around your creatures.  Since, creature combat is core to this format it’s crucial you are paying attention to combat and quality.  The key takeaways are maximizing your lands, as well as playing the correct mana base when you drop your lands.  Which means if you make it to nine land drops if you have three mountains you are pretty much set!

Furthermore, at nine lands you get a crack at Zacama.  If you are equally as lucky you can ping nine damage if you have your three mountains.  This gives you almost complete control of the game. I say almost because there are a few other takeaways that can shift the board.

As a matter of fact, I went through the original creature costing to make note of some additional helpful pointers:

5 Mana

  • Here is the bulk of fliers per CMC

6 Mana

  • Odds are highest for a flier here
  • Includes two return target fliers (Dream Eater and Riddlemaster)
  • Careful of Demonlord Belzenlok
  • Sac outlet with Vaevictis Asmadi
  • Big attacker Frunn

7 Mana

  • Meteor Golem
  • Kazarov – Growing flier
  • Hatchery Spider for anti air
  • Chaos Mog – 3 damage board wiper

8 Mana

  • Zetalpa

9 Mana


10 Mana

  • Impervious GreatWorm

Skip 11 & 12!!!!

12 Mana

  • Ghalta

Equally important to note, Play at three locks in 10 drops.  Watch for the board control at 9 with Zacama. First, play is nice however first to board control wins with some randomness.

Now, let’s take a look at the Planeswalker Momir Strategy and differences!

Planeswalker Momir Strategy

The Magic the Gathering Arena Planeswalker Momir Event introduces us to a new version of the Momir Event.  The strategy does have a decent shift as well since the inclusion of planeswalkers drastically changes the board.  First, thing to note is typically per CMC the planeswalker is typically a better card. I say that because there are some in my opinion that are not worth playing.  Next, in normal Momir Strategy most action happens between turns six to nine. That action is shifted more aggressively towards three to six. Additionally, dropping Planeswalkers like Kiora or Nissa increases your mana base quickly allowing you to drop creatures like zacama.

Here are some Planeswalker Momir Strategy changes vs. the original to take note of:

  • Land Sequencing is extremely important! You need the correct mana base for casting your planeswalkers.  (The latest version has introduced pain lands!)
  • No Mulligans ever.  Treat trash walkers as discard.
  • Playing on turn two is very important.  Not to mention, it allows you to put a threat towards any planeswalkers, but it also most likely will give you the extra body you need to knock out a pivotal planeswalker later.
  • Definitely double cast! You should drop planeswalkers that are crucial game changers with a creature to provide some coverage.  Additionally, the later the game goes the more likely you can do this on a larger scale. With better creatures and walkers.

Lastly, our favorite late game.  If you make it to nine mana, just like normal momir strategy if you are slightly ahead of your opponent and they can’t respond to a Zacama drop you will most likely be set.  Altogether, keep in mind that there is much more removal in the Planeswalker Momir version so push to win quickly with zacama.

The final piece of Planeswalker strategy advice is obviously centered around planeswalkers.  To keep this really simple most everything will be conditional. However, I just want you to be aware of the planeswalker bombs to keep life easy.

Planeswalker Bombs:

  • Kiora
  • Ugin
  • Liliana
  • Sarkhan
  • Nissa
  • Gideon
  • Kaya
  • The Wanderer
  • Teferi
  • Domri

Hope this Momir Strategy Guide finds you well planeswalkers, and I wish you the best of luck in completing the event on Magic the Gathering Arena!

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