MTGA Tier List BO1 July 2020

I have complied an MTGA Tier List for BO1 of the July 2020 season. This information contains a helpful overview, the tier list below, decks, and helpful content for the current Magic the Gathering Arena Standard Meta.

The tier list is designed to help anyone tackle the competitive MTGA Landscape, those who like a visual or just to discuss! As a player I know it can be a tough choice to figure out which deck you would like to play, additionally knowing the importance of playing decks that you don’t play I wanted to share some thoughts!

Tier List Overview

What it is, current meta observations, and deck overviews!

I have produced this list from a culmination of a few things. I have reached this point by pulling together research data from multiple sources like untapped, MTGAzone, twitter, personal gameplay, tournament matches, this reddit as well as others, personal stats ( 800+ games), and Mythic over the last 2 seasons with top 1200 last season.

Some key call outs is this comes off the heals of the companion changes, and bannings of several key cards from the last month! Please subscribe to emails to stay up to date on Month over Month changes. If you have questions, want to engage in discussion, please comment below, and I will do my best to get back to you!

MTGA BO1 July 2020 Tier List

Tier 1 (4)

Rakdos Sac



Mono Green Stompy

Mono White

Tier 2 (8)

Mono Black Aggro

Bant Ramp

Boros Houndmaster

Temur Reclamation

Jund Sacrifice

Simic Ramp

Temur Clover

Gruul Aggro

Tier 3 (5)

Sultai Ramp

Azorius Control

Simic Flash

Orzhov Yorion

Temur Elementals (Note Deck needs to be updated without Agent Apologies)

I hope you find this information helpful with your game play as well as finding an enjoyable deck to have fun with! Let me know below in comments what you think or if there’s a deck you would like an opinion on.