The Arena Open Historic MTGA Event Journey

For those of you who are unaware The Arena Open is an event that is put on in Magic the Gathering Arena (MTGA) where players compete over a two day series to win $2K USD.  Day one consists of Best of One (BO1), and if you achieve seven wins before receiving three loses you are automatically entered into day two of The Arena Open.  Day two you have to get to seven wins before receiving two losses in a traditional magic game play of best of three.  Six wins will net you $1K USD, and for each win outside that you receive in-game currency up to a max worth about $100 USD.

I recently played last weekend in the Arena Open Historic Event which was this go arounds format.  The very first one ever hosted by wizards on MTGA was standard.  I did not play in the first, and I did play in the historic one.  I wanted to share my thoughts and journey with you today.

First off, I was able to go 7-2 on day 1 with BO1 format running Mono White Auras.  You can check out the video here:

What is pretty crazy is I was able to do this in about 50 minutes total.  The two losses I received were to mono red goblins, and some off my own misplaying.  As one subscriber pointed out if I would have played hushbringer one of those games I probably would have shut down my opponent and evaded the Muxus drop all together! In the end as previously mentioned I was able to seal a day 2 entry!

Next, day two I spent some time debating on the deck that I should play.  I figured the field would be rampant with Temur Reclamation, and that is what I ended up finding in my personal matches.  However, ultimately I decided to stick to my guns with Mono White Auras for a few reasons.  One I felt very comfortable with the deck, and two I know it can/could still hold up competitively to the Meta.  At the end of the day I had a great time and ended up going 4-2.

You can check out my two part series on the matches here:

Day 2 Part 1: 

Day 2 Part 2:

Additionally the mono white deck I played:

Finally, I had a great time.  This was a very high level of competition I faced.  As another subscriber pointed out, “Carlos Romão is a famous Brazilian player that won world’s in 2002. Nice match!”  I was extremely happy with my results of 4-2 and knocking down a win even though I lost the overall match to Carlos!  I can’t wait until the next Arena Open on MTGA.

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