Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

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Last week aside from the Holiday Event being dropped in Pokemon Go, there was another unforeseen event that occurred.  An error known as GPS Drift! This makes it necessary now for a Pokemon Go screen freeze workaround.  Niantic clearly rushed out a mini update to get the egg hatched generation two Pokemon out, but has failed the community miserably.  Pokemon Go how to fix GPS drift will help you resolve this unforeseen catastrophe.  It amazes me that a company which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in a few months has issues supporting their own game at this point.  It really begs the question of future game code deployments and updates.  They clearly need a change manager.

What is GPS Drift

First off, what has now become known as GPS Drift is becoming a massive issues for players.  This error is easily spotted by players when a few things occur.  You are in a location that doesn’t look like your current location.  Your screen bugs out sending your trainer to the purgatory of Pokemon Go.  Or, alas your screen is just frozen and you can’t play at all.  This issue has become extremely frequent, and requires some time to resolve before any game play for most players after the generation two mini patch.

Here is what it may look life for a player experiencing the issue.

How to fix GPS Drift

This video is the best way in resolving the GPS Drift Issue.

Step by Step

  • Make sure Wifi is off (Some users reported they couldn’t fix GPS drift without this for some reason, my guess is OS and phone)
  • Start Pokemon Go
  • While the loading bar begins loading, after first tick, go to home.
  • Wait about three seconds.
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • When the loading bar is about finished flip back to home again
  • Wait roughly three seconds
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • You should see the landing page with the “Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go” warning.
  • Now go catch some Pokemon!


I hope the flip to home screen during the load screen of Pokemon Go is a resolution for you as it has been for me! I also hope Niantic rights its wrong for the community, as I believe this is a fairly big error on their part and the community is going to lose some players. Get out there trainers and make Pokemon Go great again.

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