Shuffle Cats Review


Shuffle Cats Review

Shuffle Cats is a fun new game recently released by King, you may know them for the smash hit Candy Crush.  Shuffle Cats is based around a two player game of Rummy.  In the case of Shuffle Cats it is called Regal Rummy.  The concept is relatively simple, and can become quickly addicting.  It is a great game for card sharks and cat lovers alike!

The Streets

When you first start the game you will connect either with your Facebook account, or email account.  You definitely want to do this to save your game progression.  After account creation you will land yourself in The Streets, where you will have your first foray into Regal Rummy against the computer.  The first five levels will teach you how to play Regal Rummy.  Eventually, you will complete those and take on some fellow players to gain a better understanding of Shuffle Cats.  At Level 11 you will face Walter.  Once you beat Walter you will open up Lucky Lane.

Shuffle Cats Overview

How to Play Regal Rummy

Regal Rummy is a very simple card game, and anyone can learn quickly.  The Shuffle Cats Intro is great, and does a wonderful job of getting the game across.  Each of the first five levels isolates a particular concept.  The idea is to create melds which are sets of three or more cards that are either runs of the same suit, or three of a kind.  Once a meld is on the board you can either continue the run or create a four of a kind by laying down the missing cards one or more at a time.  The winner is the person who gets to 10 first.  The score is kept along the side of the screen via the different suits of cards you have laid.  Each card per suit will represent one point.

Where the game really expands on the game of Rummy is around the addition of Charms.  Currently Shuffle Cats features four different types of charms.

  • Queen King Charm – Double Points for laying down Queens and Kings
  • Freeze Charm – Freeze opponents cards for 3 to 4 turns when laying down a card that has freezing capabilities
  • Plus One Charm – A player begins with an additional card until their first meld
  • Zap Charm – Laying down zap cards reduces an opponent’s score by minus one per each card laid down

The addition of charms adds an interesting new concept to the game of Regal Rummy.  You get access to the different charms per your level.  The more games you play the more experience you will get, and level to use each of the different charms.  There is a lot more strategy involved in how to play the game.  Not only do you now have to keep track of trying to count the cards, but whether or not to play around your opponents or your own charms!

Lucky Lane

Lucky Lane is the quintessential casino! Here is where the game can become addicting rather quickly especially if you like to gamble.  The idea is relatively simple, you put up either one of two in game currencies Gems or Gold Bars against real players from around the world.  The game takes a rake of those currencies roughly 20%, and you compete for the pot.

Walter’s Workshop

Walters Workshop resides in Lucky Lane.  So, far it has only been open once for two days the first week.  My guess is this will hopefully be some sort of weekly event, were the games are different each week.  The first opening of Walters Workshop gave us a game of seven matches, where you had to continuously win to climb the ladder and receive prizes.

The event was based around both the zap and freeze charms.  It honestly made for some really interesting games and was a lot of fun.  It was also a good break from the traditional lucky land casinos.  On top of that each time I took a gamble in Walter’s Workshop I was able to come out ahead.

How to Beat Walter’s Workshop


In conclusion I found Shuffle Cats to be a traditional break from the normal games I play, and I highly recommend it to players interested in dipping their feet into something new.  I hope to see some new Cat Card Sharks in Lucky Lane! Best of Luck on your gambling ventures.