Summoners War a Week in Review (12/26/16 to 1/1/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/26/16 to 1/1/17)

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First off Happy New Year Summoners! I hope everyone was able to ring in the Summoners War New Year in style!  In reality I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year’s around the globe. To be frank this week there wasn’t much happening aside from the general grind of the game, and some guild short comings this week.  It wasn’t the start to the Summoners War New Year I was hoping for over the past week, but it has left some room for improvement.


It is because of those short comings the theme for this week is going to be focused on failing and what can be done to improve upon those issues.  The two major pieces that were a struggle was the Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event, and this week’s Guild Wars.  Everything just did not come together for me, and the guild this week unfortunately.

In the case of the Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event I fell extremely short of completing the event.  I also feel a little short changed, and I will explain in a minute.

Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event

If you watch the above video you will probably see why.  After 14 days of the event I was able only to get 33 stockings! I fell short of completing the event by 67, let along I wasn’t able to get what I really wanted which was the Devilmon.  This was definitely frustrating as I haven’t fallen this short in completing an event in a very very long time.  However, I am more frustrated that in my opinion it was definitely not the lack of gameplay.

This is primarily due to the face I was able to roughly run Giants B10 almost 250 times in the week! On top of spending a day using an experience boost.  My theory, which I did not test specifically was that running Faimon Hell yielded a better drop rate then GB10.  Even if we do the math on the 33 stockings vs the 250 GB10 runs it puts us at a 13% drop rate.  Now I know that’s not the rate as some of the stockings were collected in the previous week, and were collected from farming Faimon Hell.

With the above said I believe the drop rate is probably 5% or less.  Like all good Summoners War players we love to know our stats, and odds! Luckily, I have been taking screenshots every single GB10 and DB10 run for statistical drop rates.  I went back through the data, and here is what I found the drop rate to be for GB10.  I ran GB10 roughly 250 times this past week (I used the last 250 screenshots, so some from last week for calculations).  I only had nine screenshots of stockings!

This gives us the values of 9/250, and the odds of getting a stocking from GB10 3.6%.  In essence to collect all 100 stockings from GB10 based off the given information we would need to run GB10 roughly 2,800 (2,777) times to complete the event.  Now, you can probably argue that 250 runs may not be statistically significant, but it definitely gives us a good idea of the rate drops of special event items like the stockings.

As previously mentioned it wasn’t quit the lack of gameplay, as I know increased my GB10 overall rune runs by almost a third, it was more the fact of how much more I needed to play! Granted, as special the Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event was and the rewards it was most justified in my opinion.  Games and events like this are made for us to work for good rewards, and the effort is well rewarded.  I think overall that a roughly 4% drop rate for special items like stockings is fairly justified based off the rewards even though as mentioned I am frustrated for not being able to complete the event.

Rune Update

Giants B10 runs was a big focus last week.  It was extremely helpful in calculating stocking drops for the Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event.  In fact as mentioned above I was able to complete roughly 250 runs!

Giant B10 Run Count: 627

Dragon B10 Run Count: 176

The_Stand Guild Wars

This was the worst week in The_Stand finishing 0 – 11 for the week.  Honestly, I don’t quit know what happened here, and there is only room to go up at this point.  I will readjust the attackers for the week.  I literally felt at one point I do not know how we can fall any further, but that was not the case.  This week I know was definitely not typical as you all know from previous posts, but it was definitely the worst.

GamertagMythras PvP

This was a good week of PvP for me aside from the Guilds failures.  I was able to finish F1 with a rating of 1291.  This was just shy of my highest PvP performance from two weeks ago.

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I maintained my G1 status for the World Boss for the Week.

Glory Sop Building Upgrades

I advanced multiple buildings this week after weeks of PvP.

After & Before pictures of buildings.


Secret Dungeons

I finished off a few secret dungeons I did not have all the pieces for this week.  I got all 40 pieces of the Dark Bearman, and collected 40 pieces for the Water Mystical Archer.  The Water Mystical Archer is the last monster I need to complete to fuse Baretta.  Completing monsters from the secret dungeons was significantly helped from the all element dungeon event over the weekend.


The Summoners War New Year definitely had its struggles for my guild and myself.  However, reflecting on the week there were hints of progress, and a decent contribution I hope to the community around special event drop rates like the stockings of the Summoners War Special Christmas Stockings Event.  I have a lot to improve on next week, and until then keep on summoning summoners.

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