Summoners War Beginner’s Guide: First 30 Days 

Summoners War Beginner’s Guide: First 30 Days 

Summoners War First 30 Days Beginners Guide

I have been playing Summoner’s War a mobile app for Android and iOS for almost a month now.  I wanted to take the time to put together some comprehensive pointers for new joiners.  I think a Summoner’s War Beginner’s guide containing a lot more general information would of helped me a lot. Most of my gameplay led me to ask multiple questions I could not find the correct answers to, was misguided, or got bad information.  I am going to try and clarify as much as I can that I had questions for.  Veteran players that happen to find themselves on the site, please feel free to post further guidance in comments.


You will start off with a tutorial to Summoners War with Ellia.  She will engage in dialogue with the many different summoner’s of the realm.  She will lead you through the world and the initial stage of Garren Forest.  From there you will unlock new areas, and new difficulties for past areas.  Eventually, the Arena will open along with Cairos Dungeon.

The important thing to find I thought was an initial benchmark.  I have tried to capture each point I found crucially in the game to create a benchmark for players.  You can find that content on my Youtube Channel.  I struggled early on trying to figure out how far I could progress.

I think Summoner’s War does an amazing job scaling.  Ideally the more work you put into your account the better it will get.  The thing is you can always buy digital content to progress your account faster, but you are rewarded for your efforts.  This game does take time, but I have found it to be an extremely rewarding experience.

First, push as far as you can with your characters through the quests.  Once, you hit a wall, you have your initial benchmark. From there you can repeat levels in an area, or rune up your characters.


Once you hit that initial wall, it’s important to focus on the initial Monsters like the Water Fairy – Elucia and the Water Magic Knight.  They can carry you fairly decently in the beginning.  In fact I am still using a lot of my initial squad a month in.  I suggest investing some time on a beginning strategy on how to rune your monsters.

A very easy one is going 3x Energy for HP, and then focusing on the right stats for your monsters.  This will provide them with the much needed health early on to fight some of the baddies you will encounter.  Eventually, you will want to focus more on the stats and fit an end game rune strategy for those monsters.

I would also suggest leveling runes to level nine max.  After level 9 runes start to get expensive, and eventually your one star and two star runes will be replaced anyway.

Early Build Vagabond

End Game Build Magic Knight


As previously mentioned the Water Fairy and Water Magic Knight provide a good early strategy.  However, what about all the other slots?  Well, you initially fill those with what you have, and you may focus on a particular monster for whatever reason.  My suggestion is when you get your new three star natural (Note: a natural monster is a gold star) monsters use those, unless you get a two star natural monster you enjoy.  For example, I got a two star light Garuda that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing.

One of the things I overly worried about was which monsters to use?  Am I playing the right ones?  Which ones should I use for fodder?  I was pretty indecisive early on, and just stock piled my monsters and summoning scrolls.  I want to warn you from doing this because it has had an impact on my progress.  Think of it like being a hoarder, you are actually making yourself worse off.  To improve this position here is what I learned.

You will naturally utilize the three star monsters you find first, and they will progress ahead of new summoned ones.  As you begin to make core adjustments you will see where it is you need to supplement your monsters or focus on different ones.  For instance I am heavily geared towards water and light right now, and in the process of building up my fire, dark, wind attribute monsters.  This is important to have an edge on some of the dungeons as well as stage levels.

To clean out your monsters, feed your angelmons with the one stars, and use the two stars for skill leveling or evolving.  In my case feeding Garuda.  Don’t worry so much about two star monsters as a general rule of thumb.  Warbear is a typical decent two star beginning unit, and Inugami is a great three star.  Those would be my suggestions for two and three star units that can be acquired by running the stages.


I think awakening is pretty much self-explanatory, just do it on the monsters that you plan on using.  This will most likely be your three star or four stars that you get in the beginning.  Also, get into a good cadence of actually running the dungeons.

The materials you will find for awakening is different daily in Cairos Dungeon.  You can run the Hall of Magic, or tackle the different element hall for different days of the week.  Checking item drop information will tell you what element and when it’s available.

I awakened my three star monsters when I had the first opportunity for new skills and stat boosts.  The nice thing is that the evolution level doesn’t change the awakening materials for the monster.  However, most of the monsters I awakened are in my current lineup.


I think which monsters to evolve is a tougher decision.  Again, evolve the ones you plan on using.  Typically any natural three star in your line up, and definitely any four star that you like.  In my case I was lucky to pull a light Epikion Priest who has helped me tremendously with support.

The other thing to keep in mind is balance.  Try to maintain balance across your line up.  If you have one great carry monster what happens when they get taken out?  I like to have a balanced approach coming out of my beginning phase of gameplay to help set myself up for mid and late game.


If you use a two star like Garuda for example.  Make sure to use your Garudas to skill them up instead of just general fodder.  You can skill three ways.  You can skill by using same units to increase the level of your monster or at max level.  You can evolve your monster with same leveled monsters that are same type.  Again in this example make sure you are using Garudas, but the type wind, fire, water, light, and dark doesn’t make a difference. Last you can use Devilmon to skill.  However, you should only use Devilmon on extremely rare monsters like natural five star plus.

Skilling Teon (Garuda)


One thing not touched on in a lot of material I read was Mana.  These are the blue crystals you acquire throughout the game.  One thing a lot of people use them on is the shop.  However, you will most likely consume these bad boys to level up your runes.  Be advised after getting to level nine on your runes it becomes extremely expensive.  I’ve seen it cost anywhere from 200k to 500k to get to level 15.


Another thing not touched on a lot was Crystals.  These are the Red Gems you get in the game for various activities.  I used mine to purchase the Crystal Titan to generate more Crystals.  The additional ones I used to purchase Gusty Cliffs and Crystal Lake to boost my monsters experience while I wasn’t playing.

After the building purchases you can really do what you want with the Crystals.  A lot of stuff I have read said to buy the premium summoner packs.


Glory is virtually a PvP currency.  You will receive Glory for participating in the Arena, and through your guild battles.  Glory allows you to purchase additional buildings, scrolls, or devilmon in the shop.  To really build up your Glory you should join a Guild.


Guilds are hubs for players for many things.  However, one of the major advantages a guild gives you aside from access to veteran players is the ability to participate in guild battles. Thus allowing you to acquire glory quicker.

Being in a guild also opens up a guild shop where you can use your glory to buy things that aren’t readily available in the individual shop.  One example is the Mystical Scroll will cost you 240 glory in the shop, whereas in the guild shop its 200.  Big savings.


I think it’s extremely important to run dungeons early on.  Like I talked about earlier, is they are a great way to benchmark your monsters.  They allow you to multiple rewards like the occasional Rainbow Angelmon or even Mystic Scroll.  They also help you to grind for runes randomly versus running bosses.  You may even be able to get early access to different runes, that you can’t quit yet get because you haven’t beat the different stages.


The biggest thing about events is staying informed.  Com2Us does an amazing job of creative events.  There are Secret Dungeons, Hall of Heroes, or even access to change your runes out free of cost.  I highly suggest staying engaged with the event icon.  At a minimum so far in the first 30 days there has been a guaranteed weekly event that starts Noon Friday PST and ends Midnight Sunday PST.  These events have had a significant impact on my account.

Secret Dungeon: Fire Penquin Knight

Hall of Heroes: Wind Neostone Agent


I hope you have enjoyed the content, and it will help clarify questions you may have.  I know it can be exhausting trying to find the right answers, but I hope the beginner’s guide has given you some early guardrails that I wasn’t able to find readily.

I would love to hear feedback in comments.  Thanks for reading.

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