Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

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This past week was a Summoners War experience grind, and I set out some hefty goals to align with the event Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was on the hunt to make not one, but two six star monsters in a week.  Unfortunately, that goal never came to fruition, and despite all my planning and outline I ran into some significant challenges I did not foresee.

The nice thing about last week is despite not making my goal for the week I was able to learn some valuable things to share with the community which I plan to share in an additional blog outside of the weekly blog in the coming weeks on six star efficiency for monsters.  Part of the reason I am not doing it today is I want to make a good informative video for the community, and re-validate my findings.

Theme – Summoners War Experience Grind

The goal of the week also drove the theme which was experience grinding.  I wanted to accomplish the task of seeing if I could make two six stars in a week, and as mentioned above I ran into some problems which I will explain.  I spent Monday to Friday afternoon grinding experience, I utilized two of the 12 hour experience boosters I had in my rewards, and then purchased a three day booster with my crystals.  Everything was pretty much on track until about midday Wednesday.

When I first started the event I only had about 100k-200k mana, which in past grinds hadn’t been an issue.  However, as discussed above I decided to try out some other tactics for efficiency sake which I will explain.  Currently, I have been using Lapis to Farm Faimon Hell, which I highly recommend using if you don’t have a farmer.  Also, I have added a new reason to the list of why you should do it.

I decided to make a transition away from Lapis, and test out my Lushen which I was able to get from a weekly rotation a while back in a Chasing Trophy Monsters Episode.

Well, not fully surprisingly Lushen killed it.  I mean seriously, using Lushen to farm Hydeni is a great choice.  I improved my runs by about a minute and thirty seconds on average.  The only real loss was about 900 experience across the three monsters I was grinding.  Or so I thought…

Lushen Farm Stats Lushen Farm Stats


What I realized after several swift energy refills, and quick Hydeni runs, I was suffering in the mana department.  Don’t get me wrong I love running Hydeni with Lushen now, but what I realized throughout this process is that it’s not self-sustaining.  This unfortunately led me to my second issue.  One I didn’t think would be a drag, but was far worse in my opinion.

I never really thought I would run out of unknown scrolls! Who would have thought that could happen.  It became so bad I was leveling one star monsters and evolving them.  Has anyone else ever had this issue?  One thing I definitely think has contributed to the depletion of unknown scrolls was the Homocoulus Patch. I believe drop rates were significantly reduced.  I had roughly 600+ scrolls starting out the week for my goal, and by day 2.5 I was out.

Having no unknown scrolls was awful and significantly deteriorated the process and experience.  This was a big learning lesson for myself, and I have now found value of not just feeding the one star monsters after this.

Once I realized the culmination of things that had happened to me with no mana in the bank, or unknown scrolls the perfect storm had been created.  I immediately went back to farming with Lapis in Faimon Hell to try and see if I could reverse the tide.  However, I found even that wasn’t feasible.  It was roughly five to ten runs to get five unknown scrolls if I was luck.  By then I had pretty much leveled my one and two star monsters.  Brutal!

This was a rough week, but I learned some valuable lessons.  Sometimes, things that are definitely a huge increase to your gameplay like Lushen for experience grinding, may come at a detriment to other areas of your game play.  All in all the nice thing was I did end up with one six star in less than three days, Verdehile!

With that said if everything was right, and I knew what I now know from the experience I should have been able to complete the event in a week’s time or less.  It was a great learning lesson, and I hope you find this useful in your own experience grinding, and attempt to complete the Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was able to get everything done in the week aside from one five star, and my last six star monster.

Summoners War Experience Grind

Rune Update

This week’s grind was not focused on runes at all, and significantly slowed the process.  With that said here are the current results:

Giant B10 Run Count: 253

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

Another interesting week for The_Stand.  I accidently started the week off by leaving out some new members.  I made a terrible guild leader mistake.  So, we focused on rotating players in and out which worked fine. We ended at 1008 rating, and had a winning record for the week of six wins and five losses.  We got behind during the week on our battles, so we didn’t complete the last one for the week.  One interesting note was we started off extremely strong and at one point during the week high C1 or Conqueror one star.  That was definitely a first for the crew!

GamertagMythras PvP

Definitely not a record week for personal battles ensued.  However, even with the reduction of the amount of battles it was a record breaking week rank wise.  (Reduction of roughly 40 battles) I ended at 1267 rating putting me in the top 45k in players.


Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber

Following the Summoners War experience grind for the week, I transitioned to grinding the Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber Event on Friday.  I worked on this event the rest of the weekend to complete the event so I could have a Dark Kobold Bomber for the account.  I don’t always summon the monster after the completion of the event, and in this case I collected my 41 pieces to sit on.  I like to collect one extra so that if for some reason I want to summon additional I can use my guild points to by additional summoning pieces.

(Update: Forgot Almighty Scrolls are only good for 10 pieces…logic above doesn’t work mainly to view past dungeons now)

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I was able to get back up to g1 in the world boss this week.

Mentor Mentee Update v3.1.9

Happy to say I filled up my Mentee slots.  Thanks to those on reddit who watched the video and added me on Global.  In the future those of you who need a Mentor feel free to reach out to me either through this site or in game.


The Summoners War experience grind definitely ran into some setbacks, but on the bright side learned a lot in the process.  I was able to six star Verdehile, which as always getting a six star monster is something to be happy about.  I made some new friends from the Mentor Mentee Update, and was able to complete one of my favorite monthly events Hall of Heroes.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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