Summoners War a Week in Review (2/20/17 to 2/26/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (2/20/17 to 2/26/17)

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Boo yeah, is all I can say.  What a great week it was last week in Summoners War. This week was my Summoners War One Year Aniversary!  It was a big week of getting stuff done, and lots of improvements to boot!  I am happy to share several details of the week, and it’s been a big improvement over the past few weeks where I have felt like I was struggling in my progression.


This week is dedicated to my Summoners War One Year Anniversary.  My plan is to briefly touch on multiple things for my one year of gameplay in Summoners War.  However, I will probably do a more specific post covering my one year of gameplay in more depth.  I think it will be more valuable to the user base to have a separate post for that.

Summoners War One Year Anniversary

First off over the course of my life there really haven’t been a ton of games I have been this dedicated to in playing for a year straight.  On top of that the time investment I have made.  With that said I would like to say kudos to Com2Us on creating such an engaging game, and for a positive user experience.  Then I would also like to say thanks to all of you who have contributed to a positive gaming experience out there as well.

For my Summoners War One Year Anniversary I have documented several things to help users in a couple of areas.  The main goal was to capture game progression after a year.  I have created an extremely detailed video outlining multiple aspects of the game ranging from Cairos Dungeons to PvP, and tackling some rifting.

Summoners War One Year Anniversary Account Review

Then to celebrate, as we all love to do on what we consider special occasions, I did another mass summoning.  I created another Chasing Trophy Monsters episode for my one year of gameplay summoning over 100 monsters.  It was a great session, and I was extremely pleased with the outcomes.  They have definitely helped me progress already, and will help into the future.

Summoners War One Year Anniversary Summon Session

On top of the one year account anniversary a lot of progress was made.  I was able to quickly scale up some of the newer monsters I have summoned and put them to work in the same week.  I spent a lot of time immediately grinding experience, and I got Colleen to six stars to help aid the teams.

Necropolis Update

As mentioned in the previous week I felt six starring Colleen would help my necro team out.  On top of that in my summoning session I was able to get Adrian and full skill him up, along with getting him to five stars.  I was able to beat Necro B9.

I did attempt Necro B10, and was almost able to beat it.  I am hoping that goal comes to fruition in this next week.

Rune Update

Giant B10 Run Count: 170

Dragon B10 Run Count: 552

The_Stand Guild Wars

Good week of new player participation.  Looking forward to the growth of the Guild!

Rating: 996

Rank: N/A

GamertagMythras PvP

This past week I did not play a lot of PVP.  Even though I flipped back to my old strategy I think I was just slightly north of 100 attacks for the week, still significantly less than my usual.

Rating: 1277

Rank: 64693

Notable Mentions

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Chocolate Gift Event


An extremely awesome Summoners War One Year Anniversary week.  I am looking forward to the future of the account, and many more hours of gameplay.  I think the new monsters will really help me out in my progression, and I am excited for the challenges that lie ahead.  I hope you enjoy the account review as well.  Until next time summoners keep on summoning.

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Run Times:

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:22

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+