Summoners War a Week in Review (2/6/17 to 2/12/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (2/6/17 to 2/12/17)

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First off, apologies to my weekly readers for being a day late.  I spent last week doing a site migration, and had work conflicts yesterday so this post did not go out on time.  I also want to say a big “Thank You” to all the subscribers as the YouTube channel reached 100 subs last week!

Last week was a close week on many things, but there was no cigar.  I spent a majority of the week grinding experience, and wasn’t able to six star, and became hesitant on who to six star next.  I made a little progress on Necromancer dungeons, but I still have a little bit to go.  On top of that I got stuffed at Artamiel TOAN 90.

***Note per feedback next week I will include a list of times and progress for tracking***


The ability to prevail is a big one, even when you feel like you are stuck and have nowhere to go.  This week Summoners War short comings has driven me to revitalize my strategy from last week.  I realized I need to refocus on some things to achieve what I have in front of me.  It was particularly frustrating not completing TOAN again this month, however I shouldn’t be leaving it to the last minute.  Also, I realized I need to retool a few of my monsters and will have to invest more time next FRR to change up HWA from swift to violent runes.

TOAN – Artamiel 90

Interestingly enough I was able to auto TOAN to 87 for the most part with my core team.  I tried multiple things to get past Artamiel, and really wish I had a better strategy to share around TOAN 90 Artamiel.  Here’s the adjustment I would make if I could.

First off, my Colleen is not six star nor is she skill maxed.  That is one thing I could have used on Artamiel.  The other issue I have, is I need to build Baretta specifically for a situation like this for the multi-dots.  A team that I found that worked out well was Baretta (L), Bella, Colleen, Theo, Vero.  You could also put Hwa in there potentially.  There are other good teams you could put in the mix or monsters like Chasun to get the job done.

Necropolis B8

I was able to complete Necropolis B8 this week.  I am going to have to re-rune Hwa I think to get a little further in the dungeons.  Also, as mentioned above I need to get Colleens skills maxed, but I think I can beat Necro B10 with her at five stars.

Rune Update

I will update the Rune counts next week, as I accidently already combined this weeks into the mix.

Giant B10 Run Count: 103 – TBD

Dragon B10 Run Count: 358 – TBD

The_Stand Guild Wars

We maintained above 1000 rating for the week which is very exciting as we haven’t done back to back weeks above 1k for a while.  Go Team!  I did miss the mark for this week on collecting the information.

Rating: TBD

Rank: TBD

GamertagMythras PvP

After last weeks blog, several people mentioned I should try and hit F3 or C1 before worrying about Necromancer B10.  I decided to push PvP a bit.  I got to 1407 on Thursday, and then didn’t play much.  I did get to F3 just didn’t try to maintain it.

Surprisingly I still finished fairly strong.  With that said I think I am just fine progressing on with Necromancer B10 now.

My personal belief on the PvP front and trying to get to F3 or C1 before Necro is as follows.  First, off you are better off farming the glory points every week instead of pushing higher on the ladder.  I went from 200 ish wins a week to finishing last week with 66 wins.  It could have been a problem with the amount of time I spent, but those are just my thoughts.

I found it fairly easy to get to F3 once I actually set my defense and deterred people from attacking.

Rating: 1354

Rank: 50443

Notable Mentions

Hall of Heroes Water Joker


This was a week where I did not quite progress as far as I thought I was hoping.  It was also a disappointing week in Summoners War when I couldn’t clear TOAN 90 Artamiel.  In the future though I think I have a better idea how to go about some of the things I am trying to accomplish, and just know it will take time.  I was glad I was able to get to F3 in PvP during the week validating other player’s theories on PvP over Necro B10, and shared some of my feedback around it.  Until next week summoners, keep on summoning!

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