Summoners War a Week in Review (6/26/17 to 7/3/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (6/26/17 to 7/3/17)

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A lot has happened since my last week in review in February.  Since then I have had to take a step back from blogging due too many life events unfolding and for that I apologize.  Now with most of it behind me, and a steadier state (Hopefully) on the horizon I can come back to blogging more.  This week I will focus on a few different things at a very high level that has happened over the past few months in Summoners War.  Appropriately so I will focus on Summoners War Changes not only in-game but also with my own personal gameplay.


When we look at all the Summoners War Changes that have taken place we know the biggest was with the latest patch New Update Notice v3.4.8.  The biggest piece of the update was that we got a new support type homunculus from Come2Us!  This is awesome news for the community, I thoroughly enjoy these larger roll outs in game design.  We also see some new reward modifications in the Rift Raids, and some modifications to Cairos Dungeons with Angelmon.  Another cool new feature is the ability around Monster Storage Improvements where we can now use stored monsters for different things like Rift Dungeons.

What to Do if you delete your account?

Yeah so, I accidentally deleted my Summoners War main account.  This was extremely frustrating if you can believe, and one of the major reasons why I wasn’t posting.  I got a new phone, and was in the process of switching everything over.  While in doing so, I was trying to start another account to re-experience the process all over again ultimately turning into a terrible Summoners War Experience.  This was one of the biggest Summoners War Changes that I experienced over the past few months.

I am not going to go into a ton of detail on how I got the account back…Yes, I was able to get it back.  The main reason is I plan to lay out a more detailed blog about that.  All you need to know is it is possible if you delete your Summoners War Account to get it back.  They give you a onetime reinstatement of the account.  They have process that you can go through on to sort it out.

What you need to know about deleting your account is the following:

  • You are going to be extremely emotional and upset
  • You will need to have more patience then ever with Com2Us
  • It took me roughly a month to get it back
  • In the meantime, do something else! Seriously it’s kind of nice to have a break (however I started an alt)

As stated above you should hopefully get your account back if it’s your first time.  Feel free to comment below if you ever have additional questions that need to be answered and I can try my best to help you out.

KidMythras Alt Account

The next big change was that in all the hiccups I went through I do have a decent alt account moving along now.  You can check out my blog on What to Do in your first 30 days.  I reworked it for all the new awesome content that was rolled out a few months ago to really help out new players.

First 30 Day detailed Blog:

You can also check out one of my first summoning sessions on the account.

Now for the progress.  Last week I was extremely lucky to say the least.  On top of it all I really wish I had footage to prove it.  However, I don’t so you will just need to take my word for it.   On my very first try at an exclusive summon for the week I got Verdehile! Lol yea you hate me now.  Well not to say the least he has really helped my team progress very quickly.  I shifted a lot of crafted six star runes on to him to get him moving quickly.

Also, to add to the mix I leveled up my first six starred rune to 15 on Verdehile.  I definitely wouldn’t say this is common so I would think I am a little further then averaged on my current progress, or maybe I actually suck.

The other big thing I started doing was over the weekend I decided to grind the elemental dungeons.  I did this because of two things.  First, I wanted to wait until I could grind B10 dungeons, but opted out to do it at B7 now instead, and particularly for the event.  The next rational was thanks to a fellow summoners comment.  They mentioned after seeing my summoning session that I now had almost all the pieces save Water Grim Reaper Hemos for Wind Valkyrja.  My main goal over the weekend was to collect enough pieces to get Baretta.  I figure at a minimum as always can use Baretta!  I was one monster short of awakening unfortunately for it, so hopefully this week I can close that off and get Barretta.  Ideally, I would like to get Veromos ASAP!


Honestly, I know there is probably a lot more then I will mention here that has happened on my main over the last few months, but I will try to hit a couple things quickly.  I have mainly been working on my rift teams, including R4, and am a few crystals short of Homie Skill 4.  Which should get closed out this week.

I did beat Lyrith for the first time.

I also produced a TOA Guide or several videos to help with the June/July Trial of Ascensions.  Here is the link to the more detailed blog about it:

I had a few different summoning sessions to try and acquire Galleon and Orion.  You can watch my FAILS!

Lastly, one of the things I did for a subscriber was pull together a more detailed NB10 video you can see here:

Like I said very high level, but got through quite a bit!


A lot has happened since the last post.  I wanted to try and provide a high-level overview for you in each of the following around account deletion, my new alt account, and my main.  I hope you could see some of the struggles, successes, and luck I had over the last few months.  I look forward to continuing posting about my Summoners War gameplay and journeys!

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Run Times:

Will update in next blog*

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:22

NB10: 2:41

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+