Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots: Review

Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots: Review

I’ve always been a big fan of nostalgia, and like most people I am always excited about throwback games.  I recently came across such a game that I wanted to do a review on called Batman and Joker Jewels online slots game.  The game was developed by Playtech a software company which focuses on casino type games, probably why I enjoy it so much.  One thing I really like about the game is not only the ease of the online slots gameplay, but how Batman and the Joker Jewels utilizes the old 1960-esque Batman!



The game concept is a simple one, allowing anyone to quickly pick it up and play.  Like any slot machine type game just pull the handle….err, give it a click and off she spins!  Like all today’s aged slots it’s a random number generator (RNG) determining where the reels will fall.  Batman and Joker Jewels features a five reel slot machine encompassing a 25 pay line way to bet.  The game provides an assortment of features to the gamer, not necessarily typical with slot type games. On top of that if you have access to the internet you will always have access to Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots because it’s streamed over Flash Player, so be sure to have yours up to date!


There are several main points a gamer must understand about Batman and Joker Jewels to take in the full gaming experience.  On top of that it provides an understanding how to position yourself on your pay lines.

First, as all DC Comics played out, it’s really about the struggle between the Protagonist and Supervillain! Which is why gamers should be mindful of not just one, but two wild cards! (Batman and Joker Logos) However, the logos don’t replace the scatter symbol.  For an additional bonus, you may occasional get lucky, and the Joker may throw you a bone.  In Batman and Joker Jewels the Joker will actually throw out nine additional wilds into the mix.  (Joker Random Wilds) With that said the wilds are really the crux of the slot game.

Next, building off the wild theme if the reels land right there is a unique trigger that will occur, and the struggle between Batman and Joker will be intensified with an additional multiplier.  This multiplier is triggered when all three odd reels (1,3,5) contain the bonus symbol.  This feature is known as Joint Wild Action, and you will quickly be guided down the path of picking your favorite Super Hero or Antagonist. The Bats as Joker calls him will now be included with the Joker on a new wild symbol hence the Joint Wild feature. Battle will quickly ensue moving your multiplier around when this Joint Wild lands, directing the multiplier via an arrow either in your favor or against you.  The multiplier maxes at three, but you can get it to five when you pick your side.

The Last features of Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots is its massive jackpots.  The jackpots are so big due to the syncing with the multitude of DC Comic Family type slot games.  These aggregated jackpots really pack a punch.  Also, for ease of effort the jackpot bonuses can pretty much be triggered at any given time.



I hope you enjoy Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots as much as I did not only for the fun eclectic 60s stroll down memory lane, but for all the things outlined in the Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots Review.  This game alongside with hundreds of different slots can be found at Slots Heaven, website part of the responsible gambling trust.

I wanted to share the slot games fun features like all the different types of wilds you can land!  Until next time, enjoy some added fun with Batman and Joker Jewels, I know I will.

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